Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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CEAS - Council of the European Aerospace Societies (BE)

In the mid 1980s Europe‘s main professional aerospace societies, after having had bilateral exchanges for a long time, recognized the increasingly international nature of aerospace business and the strength of European industrial alliances by beginning to develop close working relationships.

This culminated in the formation of the Confederation of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) during the 1992 Farnborough Airshow and the official signing of the CEAS Constitution at the 1993 Paris Airshow.

Later on, in 2003, the Constituent Societies realized that a deeper collaboration was necessary which would provide CEAS with a legal status and more flexible resources. The new status transformed in 2006 the former Confederation into a Council and gave CEAS legal support under the Belgian law.

Apart from the consideration of CEAS as an association of national Societies, two branches have been established: one for aeronautics and one for space chaired by relevant professionals. These branches will be composed by technical committees with individual members and will be coordinated by a director who will manage the activities.

Today CEAS comprises sixteen member organizations with a combined roughly 35.000 individual members.

The Council will serve the interests of the European aerospace community by striving for Knowledge transfer using its Technical Committees organizing:

  • technical workshops and symposia
  • High Level European Conferences based on a program of technical pan-European events dealing with specific disciplines and the broader technical aspects
  • Political and technical Bi-annual European Conferences (Europe - Air & Space)
  • publications such as Position/ discussion papers on key issues
  • Professional Technical Journals
  • a periodic Newsletter/Bulletin reporting on and advertising activities
  • relationships at a European Level with inputs into EC Framework Research Programs, inputs onto the European Parliament on technical-political issues and input into other European Institutions
  • Professional Recognition at a European Level for its members by providing a Directory of European Professionals
  • Honors and Awards by offering an annual gold medal to recognise outstanding achievements, and medals in technical areas to recognise technical achievement
  • Young people's focus by attracting their interest in Aerospace in Europe

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CEAS - Council of the European Aerospace Societies (BE)