Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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European Turbomachinery Committee

European Turbomachinery Committee (EUROTURBO) (BE)

At the initiative of active Researchers in the field of Turbomachinery  with the support of various Engineering Associations (D,UK,F,BE,..) an European Turbomachinery Committee was founded in July 1993 with the mission to organise at European level a bi-annual international conference on fluid and thermodynamics aspects of all types of turbomachines, as a replacement for the hitherto national conferences on this subject. The 1st Conference (European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid  Dynamics  and Thermodynamics ) was held  in Erlangen (Germany) in 1995. Afterward the event increased its appealing and the Committee enlarged up to now involving more than 30 Members from 23 European countries, and the attendance  reached about 250 people in the last Conferences. The conference was also seen as an integrating element between the Western and Eastern European countries and as an additional mean to foster collaboration in turbomachinery research at a European level. To ensure a high scientific quality of the conference a very thorough paper review process with at least 3 reviewers per paper is employed. The best papers are proposed for publication in an internationally renowned technical journal. The structure of the committee is based on: Committee Chairman, Paper Review Chairman, Local Organizing Chairman and the Permanent Secretariat at VKI.

The activity of P6 in the project is focused mainly on following items:

  • Coordination of its event with the events planned by the other partners.
  • Research the possibility of synergic cooperation  in the preparation of events which could be of mutual interest.
  • Attempt to set up specific, targeted, event joint events with other partners in the area of overlapping interests and to export experience and expertise from other partners events in its own area in order to improve the integration  among disciplines which are on the border line.
  • Contribution to the set up of a common I.T.  for the various activities related to the Conference/Seminar/ Organization as well as to the review process and to the dissemination and exploitation of the Conference outcome.

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