Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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In the green paper ┬┤The European Research Area: New perspectives┬┤ the European Commission recognizes that a fragmentation of the ERA still exists that prevents Europe from fulfilling its research and innovation potential. In particular, effective knowledge sharing should be achieved at European level.

In the field of aeronautics and air transport, there are many initiatives at European level undertaking the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the different relevant disciplines. Different associations are active with different formats of events such as large conferences, moderate size thematic conferences, symposia, workshops, short courses, etc. In addition to presentations in events, the knowledge is further disseminated under the form of journal publications, proceedings, etc. More and more publications are now electronic which gives them a large potential for an easy dissemination and allow the use of electronic search facilities.

For this reason, six organizations active in this field (ECCOMAS, the coordinator, CEAS, ERCOFTAC, EUCASS, EUROMECH and EUROTURBO) have decided to unify forces in order to increase their effectiveness and materialize their objectives better, and address the same purpose to the European Commission by jointly submitting this proposal. They give themselves the ambitious goal of holding a European aeronautic/aerospace conference at the end of the programme in 2011.