Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Work Plan

The first objective will be achieved by activities carried out within the five interactive technical work packages. E-CAero proposes a collection of joint activities which together represent a systematic endeavour to improve the coordination among the participating organisations and promote deeper co-operation.

The second objective will be achieved by carrying out a systematic survey in order to construct a detailed picture of the different structures, methodologies, priorities and resources of the participating organizations. The result of this survey will be utilized to benchmark their activities, propose best practices and identify existing deficits requiring attention in the form of collective measures. This will have a direct effect on the quality of the events organised.

The third objective will be achieved through activities and measures designed to establish sustainable contacts and communication with the member associations, the partners and the European Commission. It is through these contacts that the actions undertaken by the participating organisations will become more efficient.

The fourth objective will be achieved through various actions and measures. These will include selecting recommendations on how best to work with industry, and surveying industrial participants to best appreciate their needs, but much is also expected from organising high quality events.